The UAUbike aims to promote sustainable mobility by free renting 142 conventional and 97 electric bicycles to the academic community.

The University members who use individual motorized transport on the travels to one of the three UA campuses (Santiago, ESTGA and ESAN) are eligible to apply for the a bicycle.


To apply for a bicycle you must fill out the form that will be made available soon on this web page.


All applications will be evaluated according to the criteria in the UAUbike Rules , which will be made available shortly.

Selected applicants will be contacted by email.


The UAUbikes willbe provided to the selected candidates who sign the UAUbike contract of usee.


The main objective of the UAUbike is to promote regular habits of sustainable mobility, leading users of individual motorized transport to opt to pedal. Thus, to keep the UAUbikes during the semester it is necessary to:

  • Provide information on the kilometers traveled to the UAUbike team;

  • Perform regular maintenance on the bicycle;


Reducing primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions are key indicators for the U-BIKE project. To monitor the kilometers traveled is essential to measure the impact of every UAUbike.

All the bicycles are equipped with GPS technology connected with a mobile app that will allow to monitor the kilometers traveled and download the usage data of every UAUbike.


The Uaubikes maintenance is essential to ensure a proper function and safety.

In addition to regular maintenance, which can be done by the user himself or in specialized workshops, a full check up must be made before returning the bicycle to ensure that the UAUbike is in good condition.


At the end of the period of use the UAUbike and all accessories have to be returned and, after evaluation of the conservation status, the value of the deposit is refunded to the user.