Shower and breakfast for the bike uesers

Since 2015, the TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM OF BIKE AND SOFT MOBILITY in partnership with the UA Social Services (SASUA), promotes healthy lifestyles, providing balanced breakfast menus and the possibility to use the showers in the Aristides Hall building for those who choose the come by bicycle to the university.

All UAUbike users will be able to enjoy this initiative!
More information on the Bike Menus will be available soon.

Road Code

In 2013 important changes were introduced in the Portuguese Road Code that bring Portuguese national law closer to other European countries, which have better road safety records.

The 2013 RC:

  • (i)
    ends the rule that existed only for cyclists: those arriving at an intersection from the right now have the priority, whether they are a motor vehicle or a bicycle;
  • (ii)
    forces the driver to ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 m from the cyclist and reduce speed when overtaking;
  • (iii)
    eliminates the obligation of cyclists to use bicycle paths, allowing them to choose to cycle along with other traffic when they consider this alternative advantageous in terms of safety, comfort or efficiency of the journey;
  • (iv)
    allows of two cyclists to ride side by side;
  • (V)
    allows the movement of bicycles in bus lanes, if so authorized by municipal authorities;
  • (vi)
    equates bicycle crossings to pedestrian crossings, and now the drivers of other vehicles have to give way to bicycle riders while crossing a road on a bike path;
  • (vii)
    defines and allows the transport of passengers in trailers;
  • (vii)
    defines areas of coexistence, where vulnerable users can use the entire width of the road;
  • (vii)
    allows, but does not require, the circulation on the sidewalk for bicycle riders up to 10 years of age;


In addition tp the provision of bicycles, the Uaubike project comprises tthe creation of adequate infrastructure conditions, namely with the installation of secure parking for bicycles.

In order to complement the 300 existing parks, 230 new bicycle parking spaces will be installed near to the several UA buildings and in high visibility locations, and two covered parking spaces in the Rector's underground park and next to the residences in Crasto and Santiago..